Why hybrid surfboards are the ideal choice for UK's waters.

                                                                 Hybrid surfboards made in the UK 

First, what is a hybrid surfboard?

Well as the name might suggest, a hybrid board takes its design elements from different types of surfboard such as the classic fish, shortboard or fun-board.  A hybrid surfboard can combine any number of features from these different classics, so when it comes to designing a hybrid, the possibilities really are endless. This makes for a whole lot of fun, both in the studio and out on the waves. Not to mention a great talking point with your fellow surfers!  

When building the board, the shaper strives to get the best combination of features of different designs. The aim is to get a surfboard that is fast, stable, and easy to paddle – just like a funboard, but with the response and manoeuvrability of a performance shortboard. This makes a hybrid surfboard an ideal choice for the everyday surfer.

Hybrids are ideal for UK waters

Hybrid boards take their width, thickness and ultimately, high volume from the funboard design, giving you stability, and allowing you to catch waves quickly and efficiently. Hybrid boards take their sleeker features from the shortboard, which makes their performance far more superior than a funboard.  This means that hybrids perform well on smaller swells, but also on the bigger, winter waves that we see in UK waters. The combination of features in a hybrid surfboard allows excellent control – giving a “power steering” feel, even at high speeds.

Hybrids really come into their own when surf conditions are less than perfect, which is often the case here in the UK, allowing you to make the most of any day that you feel up to the challenge of our waters. 

 The technical stuff…

Keeping foam under the chest and front foot makes a hybrid surfboard much more forgiving and fluid when entering and surfing the wave face. We at Phoenix Surf Co. understand design dimensions and measurements and are easily able to replicate our designs according to different needs.  

We work closely with our clients to tailor boards according to their needs and preferences. For example, we will modify fin placement and tilt according to individual requirements. We are here to build the board that you want and need.

                                                                     Hybrid surfboards made in the UK                   

Boards with soul

The financial cost of a surfboard is no real match for the time, effort, and skill it takes to conceive, design, shape, paint, glass, fin box, hot coat, sand, and polish a surfboard. Even more so with a hybrid board since each surfboard is handmade and truly unique. Phoenix Surf Co. puts passion and soul into every surfboard they make which means that every board leaving the factory is a ‘Tool for the Ocean’ to be proud of.